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Ask somebody outside of Houston to describe the fourth largest city in the country, and they likely will tell you about big hair, cowboys and barbecue. And while Houston definitely has a certain Southern swagger, it also has a sophisticated and international flair that is evident in the many faces and places who choose to call Houston home. A sprawling city with a small town sensibility, Houston is a multicultural gem looking to cover new ground and break through old stereotypes.

The appeal of Houston is its ability to be all things to all people. A short drive from the heart of downtown reveals wide open spaces - and yes, even a Texas Longhorn or two. Houstonians also have a thriving arts scene at their fingertips: With almost 13,000 theater seats and 14 museums, there is always plenty to do and see.

The city is poised for progress after completing a new $324 million light rail system connecting downtown to Reliant Stadium, a 1,200-room Hilton Americas convention center hotel, and an $8.9 million pedestrian plaza for Main Street.

Technology has helped define the city. Space exploration has reached new heights thanks to the scientists and researchers at Johnson Space Center. Known as Space City, Houston is synonymous with the space program that started in 1962. From beyond the heavens to the depths of the seas, thousands flock to Houston and its Gulf Coast location working as engineers and researchers for many oil and gas companies.

It took more than a few years and a few dollars for the city to reach this point. In many ways, Houston has reinvented herself, finding her inner beauty and flaunting it by restoring rows of decades-abandoned buildings. The city was willing to gamble nearly $1 billion by building three new major league sports stadiums, which drew the 2004 Super Bowl, the 2004 MLB All-Star Game at Minute Maid Park and set the stage for future events, including the NBA All-Star game and the NCAA Basketball Championships.
From 1837 to 1840, Houston served as the capital of the Republic of Texas. The city's first U.S. census, in 1850, counted 2,397 Houstonians. By 1955 (14 years before "Houston" became the first word spoken on the moon) population in the Houston area had climbed to 1 million. Today, this metropolis is home to more than 4.9 million residents (1.9 million in the city of Houston alone) representing some 100 nationalities, 90 languages and 45 religions.

More than 7 million business travelers are expected to pass through Houston in 2005, and who can blame them? With its proximity to Gulf Coast beaches, 2,000 acres of urban park space, a thriving arts community, the world's largest medical center and possibly some of the best food on earth, who wouldn't want to hang their hat here - even if it's just for a day?

Houston has a temperate climate all year round, although the humidity in the height of summer can make the city feel warmer than the actual temperature. Such a climate means lush green gardens, fragrant flowers and towering trees. Houston is alive and thriving and the attractions of such a vibrant city, as well as the mild climate and the many opportunities in industries like oil and gas, computers, aerospace and medicine, have turned it into a desirable place in which to live.

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